Las Vegas 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Service is proud to serve the Las Vegas with affordable towing and roadside assistance services. Our fleet of trucks and towing staff is among the best in the valley. We approach each request with professionalism and timeliness, we treat our tow clients like neighbours or like it was a request from us personally. Most towing services and roadside assistance requests are anything but planned or expected. When the unexpected happen to you. trust Las Vegas 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Service to help you!

Flatbed Towing is the safest and sometimes the only way to transport vehicles or machinery. By using a flatbed tow truck you are able to safely transport any vehicle from classic cars and luxury vehicles without causing any wear to the vehicle. Some automobiles require this type of tow truck where others would be better served with it. Motorcycles are safely and quickly transported on our flatbed. We get tow requests involving highly damaged vehicles, with our Flatbed Tow Truck we’ll wench it up there and off we go!

With our Flatbed Trucks we can also help you move machinery from one warehouse to the next or just back to the shop. These trucks allow for a ton of flexibility in the tow requests we can fulfil.

If you need Flatbed Tow give us a call! We would be happy to discuss your situation and help a neighbour out! ​


The truck’s empty flatbed is designed to roll back on an angle, effortlessly providing the vehicle with the ability to use its own power to drive directly onto the bed or to be winched up. This allows for the vehicle to be lifted entirely off of the ground, while avoiding any wear or tear that can occur through other towing techniques. After the vehicle has been loaded, the bed will lower back to its resting position—horizontal to ground level. The vehicle is then secured, and is ready to be towed to its desired destination.

With an ability to hoist a vehicle entirely off of the ground onto the truck bed, flatbed trucks are ideal for circumstances where utilizing other means of towing are either not possible due to the current state of the vehicle, or the vehicle’s model and fragile nature of its characteristics. These tows are commonly directed toward classic, exotic or all-wheel drive vehicles, as well as motorcycles, vehicles with very low ground clearance, and auto-accident vehicles that are significantly damaged.


Our flatbeds can efficiently transport or tow:

  • Exotic, classic, show and low-rider vehicles
  • Fully dressed motorcycles
  • Forklifts and equipment
  • Vehicles with missing wheels
  • Man-lifts
  • SUVs and all-wheel drive vehicles
  • Assist with unloading vehicles/equipment out of Trailer Containers, or storage